One word says it all

There is one word that encapsulates all of the climate adaptation efforts that everyone is working towards. Click the title above to read more.


Visions 2100: Stories From Your Future

When I was asked to contribute to a book, I had no idea I would be launching it at the Paris COP 21.  

Visions 2100: Stories From Your Future holds stories from some of the world’s leading environmental thinkers and influencers.  

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Paris People's Climate March

What do you do when your government wont let you march?

This was the question faced by Parisians when the government banned the March because of the recent terrorist attacks.  In an inspirational response, the people of Paris filled Republic Square with shoes to commemorate those who would have marched.  Here are some images from the day. 

Photo Boots


Diving into the Pacific

First Pacific Island Climate Outlook Forum  - October 2015



A Difficult Climate

Learning from meetings and events in Europe - June 2015



Sunset Over Rising Seas

Working with the communities of the Torres Strait - April 2015

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Local Government Leading the World

Update on the Global Mayor's Compact. Published in the Local Government Association of South Australia Newsletter - December 2014


 The Quiet Revolution - It looks like we are safe

Maybe now there are just so damn many of us that society cannot help but be changed - November 2014


Climate Change - Are we there yet?
Observations from Climate Week NYC.  Published in the UK Climate Impacts Program blog - October 2014


We're the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last can do anything about it.
Report on the outcomes from the Rising Seas Summit, held during Climate Week NYC. Published in The Climate Group News - October 2014


XDI - Cross Dependency Initiative