Adam Gray, Director Environment, Local Government Association of South Australia
Rohan has utilised his detailed understanding of Local, State and Federal Government to design and deliver innovative and effective reform programs.  I have been impressed by his ability to think strategically, build effective networks and partnerships, and inspire and empower people to take action. 

John Rainbird, Climate Change and Coastal Coordinator, Torres Strait Regional Authority
Rohan Hamden has brought a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to our work in progressing adaptation planning in the Torres Strait.  Rohan has quickly been able to appreciate the particular dynamics and challenges of our region and provided targeted advise to assist us in optimising the success of our work.  Easy to work with, Rohan also embodies the characteristics of successful adaptation through his flexible and innovative approach to both the technical and social dimensions of adaptation practice.

Caroline Larrivée, Chef d’équipe – Vulnérabilités, impacts & adaptation, Coordonnatrice programme Environnement nordique, Ouranos
The participants found the talk very inspiring and were quite impressed with the level of engagement achieved with key decision-makers throughout the region's communities.  Despite cultural and linguistic differences, Mr. Hamden was able to communicate effectively and managed to sustain the participants' interest throughout the meeting.

Suzanne Bell, Managing Director, Beckmann and Associates
I needed help to put together a strategy for a new business idea. I was grateful for Rohan’s experience in managing major projects and he really helped me figure out how to move ahead.  He brought valuable understanding and a methodological approach to the process.

Anne-Sophie Doernbrack, States & Regions Stakeholder Manager, The Climate Group, London
It was an absolute pleasure to cooperate with Rohan in organising this webinar. He was the perfect facilitator: calm, well prepared and sensitive to the potential cultural and language barriers. All participants came back to us with very positive feedback and this was only due to Rohan's presentation and facilitation skills.

Received after organising and chairing two international webinars with participants from Canada, Brazil, Spain, UK, USA, Bavaria and Australia.

Susan Houston – Chief Executive New Zealand Planning Institute
His presentation was captivating and well received by our members. He was able to discuss complicated issues and deliver simple and insightful messages that left the audience feeling empowered to work more closely with their communities.

Received after delivering a keynote address at the New Zealand Planning Institute Conference, Mountains to the Sea 2014.

E: info@rohanhamden.com.au

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