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One the of the key aspects of what we do at Rohan Hamden and associates is to find solutions to problems, that may not even be recognised yet. Problems that we thought weren’t really there or weren’t recognised as a great concern, until you look a bit deeper. Our companies are driven by a deep commitment to drive real and lasting change. 


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Since 2018 our founder, Rohan Hamden, has taken on the role of CEO with XDI - Cross Dependency InitiativeThe XDI Platform brings together asset level data sets with extensive climate models to provide deep analysis of an organisation’s exposure to climate change and extreme weather risk.


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Adaptation Advisory has been incorporated to capture climate change adaptation projects delivered since 2014. With a proven ability to build and foster enduring partnerships, Adaptation Advisory integrated solutions to sustainability and climate reform that provide direct benefits through:

  • Climate change planning and technical advice
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Government liaison
  • Independent technical advice
  • Business management


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REACH ACCESS is real time, global sharing of information, supplies and communication during a humanitarian crisis. REACH ACCESS is an online platform that allows frontline workers to alert all aid agencies simultaneously of a humanitarian crisis; it lists exactly what resources are required; specific quantities; and the specific location, in real time.  It then allows aid agencies to assign exactly what and when they will deliver these needs.  All agencies and frontline workers can simultaneously view what is needed, and who is supplying that need in real time.  This avoids double-ups and wasted resources, and most importantly, offers full transparency.


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