We have been involved in a number of very exciting and innovative projects.  Here is a selection.

Resilience Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Report

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Monitoring and Evaluation Best Practice Guidelines

ME Diagram

The Government of Queensland is reviewing its Climate Change Strategy.  We were tasked with undertaking a review of monitoring and evaluation frameworks globally and provide advice on how Queensland can deliver a world leading approach.  Reviews of approaches in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and OECD nations were undertaken and best practices synthesized. A copy of the report is available on request. CLICK HERE

Queensland Climate Change Impacts Studies

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On behalf of the Government of Queensland, we developed a series of brochures that outline the climate impacts and opportunities for Queensland's 13 regions. The summaries aim to help Queenslanders understand and adapt to the changing climate by providing a snapshot of the climate risks, impacts and responses in each region. This project was a collaboration with Scientell and Bloom Communications. Click the image above to see the brochures.

Torres Strait Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Plan

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It has been a fantastic opportunity to work with the communities of the Torres Strait to develop thier regional plan. We have supported all stages of the planning process including research, community engagement, technical advice, action planning and monitoring and evaluation. Click on the image above to download a copy of the plan.

Jamestown Floating Solar Case Study

Floating Solar

Northern Areas Council in South Australia has participated in the installation of a floating solar system in Jamestown. We developed the case study so that others can learn from their innovation.  Click on the image above to download the PDF.

Climate Ready Victoria

 Climate Ready

On behalf of the Government of Victoria, we developed a series of brochures that outline the climate impacts and opportunities for Victorias six regions. This project was a collaboration with Scientell and Bloom Communications.  Click the image above to see the brochures.

Middle Beach Community Emergency Management Planning


It can be a challenge to clearly and concisely communicate a message to get communities interested in action. While there can be enthusiasm to start with, after a while people often forget what to do, particularly when they’ve not had to practice and have fortunately avoided any serious emergencies. Working with the District Council of Mallala, we developed this fridge magnet with key prompts that will keep the procedures top of mind.  We also developed a poster that will sit behind the toilet door for periods of quiet contemplation.  You can download the poster HERE.

Climate Adaptation Planning Guidelines

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These guidelines have been developed for municipalities to provide clear guidance about how to undertake adaptation planning. The user-friendly format allows.  Copies of the Guidelines can be downloaded here.

Other Clients

We have provided advice and done a great deal of work for a diverse range of other organisations.  Web information will be available once these products and reports are publically available. These organisations include:

Government of Queensland

Government of New South Wales

Government of Victoria

Government of Canada

Government of Quebec, Canada

Government of New York State

ClimateXChange Scotland

Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA)

National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF)

Southern Gulf NRM

District Council of Mallala

Local Government Association of South Australia

Upper Spencer Gulf Common Purpose Group



XDI - Cross Dependency Initiative